Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pay-Per-Mile Auto Insurance

With gas prices heading higher each year, many people are looking for resourceful ways to save on fuel, such as taking the bus, the train, riding a bike or car-pooling to work.

Travel Insurance: Necessity or Not

You are planning on booking a vacation and you are not sure if you need travel insurance. You have heard the warnings and you know that many travel agents suggest travel insurance as a necessity for any vacation.

What Kind Of Boat Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Deciding what kind of boat insurance coverage you need depends on many variables. To start off, the type of insurance you need depends on what kind of boat you have.

How to find cheap auto insurance - guidlines and tips

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom and drive a car, then you certainly have to buy auto insurance policy, because no one is allowed to drive a car in Britain without having his car insured.

ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company

ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company … explosion of medical malpractice litigation led to an insurance crisis that is … malpractice claims driving up the cost of medical malpractice insurance … Source: ...

Company's insurance premium varies in branches

If you are over 60 and scouting for health insurance, don't be surprised to receive different quotes of premium from different branches of the same insurance company. » original news.

Cut Your Car Insurance

Nowadays auto insurance is really expensive. A typical insurance policy can cost a few hundreds dollars up to a few thousand dollars a year and this seems to get higher every year!Auto policy costs a.

Home Insurance, Flood Alert

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors warns that if you can't get insurance for your house, you're in big trouble. Mortgage lenders won't lend on houses that are uninsurable and as a result its value could fall by up to 80%.

New Phone - never take phone insurance at Bel Company

OK, time for some serious ranting! Two year ago I spent a fortune one a Sony Ericsson P900. It served me well untill it fell on the kitchen floor after a year.

Why You Need House Insurance

House insurance is among the most important insurances you can get and in the case of buildings insurance, most mortgage lenders make it compulsory.